A beginning

Last year, I took part in the popular Project 365, a group that enthusiastic Flickr members have been running for years.

It was a deceptively simple challenge – a photo every day, for a year. But I found it much harder than you might expect; it seemed like everything in my flat had been laid in front of my lens’ gaze by the end of March. But 365 days from the first shot, I’d done it.

I think my photography really benefited; I’ve been on Flickr since 2005 but thinking about my shots within new parameters really helped me push myself in a different, satisfying way.

Still, those parameters did end up feeling a bit oppressive after a year, and I let it slide in 2012. But I miss the feeling of regularly making something. So, this blog’s intended as a collection of not just photos, but also of writing, videos, paintings, sketches… we shall see.

Something new every other day or so is the ideal. And day one’s creation is complete: I’ve set the blog up, haven’t I?



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