Perast, Montenegro


Perast is perched on the bay of Kotor in Montenegro, a stunning country that suddenly seems to be creeping onto more British travel itineraries. My own included – I’ve been to Croatia a number of times over the years, but a recent trip in June was the first time I’ve ventured further south along the Adriatic.

Stopping off in this little town was a definite highlight of the trip. It stands proud on the bay like a faint watermark of the Venetian empire – long since diminished in influence, but certainly not in looks.


Azure waters lap against tiny stone jetties. Ageing vehicles rot away charmingly in the sun. But it seems the glory days may not be over; new investment is rolling in, ensuring the town’s future as the bay’s prettiest spot. We stood on tip toes to peek into a sea-front mansion, currently being restored to an HD-ready finish the original builders could never have imagined. Some lucky soul will soon have what’s surely one of Europe’s most stunning holiday homes.



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