The backlog


One problem of shooting in RAW format (and of getting a bit snap happy on holiday) is that it’s all too easy to pile up a weighty backlog of images to sort through.

I’ve been worse than ever on this front of late. Our summer holiday – a two week jaunt around Dubrovnik and Montenegro – was over two months ago now, yet I’m still only halfway through my shots from the trip. I’d like to get to a point where this blog isn’t too far behind what I’ve actually been up to, photographically speaking, but that’s some way off I suspect. In the meantime I’m still taking the camera out, so the backlog’s not exactly shrinking!

To remind me of the need to catch up, I’ve cheated and leapt ahead to a more recent shot above; a bold, graphic mural on the side of a building in Dalston, East London. The simplicity of it and the contrast with its weathered brick canvas makes for a really appealing sight, I think.



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