The Bay of Kotor

If you find yourself heading to Montenegro, it’s almost certain you’ll want to enjoy the scenic drive around the Bay of Kotor. The bay dominates the country’s coastline with spectacular views (and annoyingly slow traffic).

I already posted about Perast, which I considered the prettiest spot on the bay, but the entire drive offers up plenty more in the way of stunning views. So a couple of days later we set out to drive around the bay to Kotor itself. It’s a superb drive but I have to say it looks fun on a boat, too…

Having threaded our little hire car around the bay’s nooks and crannies for 90 minutes or so, we eventually reached Kotor. It’s a beautiful place, backed by a steep walk to a ruined fortress behind the old town. As we’re English, we felt duty bound to start the walk at midday, with the blazing sunshine driving temperatures well into the mid-thirties.

Phew, what a scorcher. I think it was about 1,200 steps to the top and we were both dripping by the time we got there, but the views were well worth the effort.



  1. Contacted them, actually. Given the length and nature of our trip, we’re not quite equipped for tent camping. (That may better translate to “we like to have a few more of the cushy amenities.” But they were VERY helpful with some other suggestions, and we will likely stop in to meet them and check the place out. We have, instead, rented a naturist friendly villa above Herceg Novi. Hoping that Montenegro exploits a few more opportunities for commercial naturist travel. Such has certainly done well for tourism in Croatia!


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