Lovćen national park and the Njegoš Mausoleum

Driving on from the Bay of Kotor (via a winding switchback road rightly praised in the Lonely Planet guide), we made our way into inland Montenegro for the first time. Our first stop was the beautiful national park, Lovćen.

The main draw here is the superb scenery, and the Njegoš Mausoleum at the park’s centre (Njegoš is a heroic figure in Montenegrin history). The mausoleum itself was far more impressive than I expected it to be, largely thanks to the enormous statue of the man himself; how they got it to the top of the mountain I’ll never know! Sad to say I did a pretty bad job of doing the statue justice with my photographic efforts, but the surrounding building was pretty imposing in its own right.

Once out of the Mausoleum, the main attraction lies before you; a magnificent 360-degree view of dazzlingly photogenic national park. Not a lot to say here, other than the views are well worth the detour from the coast.




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