Face time

If there’s one area of photography where I could really stand to step up my efforts, it’s the portrait. I’m just naturally happier pointing my lens at landscapes, nature, objects – almost anything really – than people.

It’s odd; the art of putting a subject at ease is a whole other skill than operating the camera itself. I tend to feel uncomfortable about making the subject feel uncomfortable, even when I’m otherwise happy to chat away, meaning I’m not the most prolific when if comes to taking portraits.

The flipside of all this is that a good portrait can be one of the most satisfying images to create, so I’ll have to start making a proper effort to take more. And lest I sound too self-pitying here, I’m really happy with some of those I have taken. An area to work on more often, then!

Self portrait. Even worse!



    1. Thank you, that’s kind! I’ve just slightly edited the post to reflect that it’s really a case of properly applying myself to it…

    1. Ha, thanks. I mostly use a Canon 40D (SLR), with a few here and there from an S95 compact. I much prefer the look of the 40D shots though – worth the lugging!


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