In praise of the 365

I completed the 365 challenge last year, taking a photo every day during 2011. I see plenty of people do it on WordPress, too.

Personally, I was really happy to complete mine. Almost inevitably, having to take a photo every single day – even those drab grey Tuesdays, full of nowt but work and chores – meant quality control took a massive dive. But despite dozens of deeply average shots, there was a sense of accomplishment in sticking at it through the year, and I felt I’d gained plenty besides the output itself.

Firstly, it made me look at the world afresh. I found it reinvigorated my interest, encouraging me to look for subjects where I normally wouldn’t.

We all have a purpose in life.

On other occasions, I found myself bothering to get my camera out in situations I otherwise might not have bothered. A lot of the time the photo didn’t really work out, but every now and then I ended up with something that successfully recorded those little moments that make up our lives, but usually go unnoticed.

And of course, it meant I had a camera ready when anything a little odd presented itself!

Just turned up one morning. No explanation.

Regardless, on the 366th day I was very happy it was complete, and anyone currently getting near the end will probably know what I mean! Good luck to all those photographers persevering with their own 365!



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