Dull day, vibrant history – a trip to Hever Castle

On a grey, subdued bank holiday at the tail end of summer we took a trip to Hever Castle, childhood home of Anne Boleyn – the second queen of Henry VIII. It’s a wonderful old building.

The sense of history there is perhaps more tangible than anywhere else I’ve been. We ducked under low beams, peered at fading tapestries and gazed from the window of Anne’s bedroom. Beneath the formal prose of the letters that went back and forth between her and the king – surely one of history’s most infamous characters – I thought I picked up on the excitement she must have felt as his intent became clear. If only the poor girl had known…

Unfortunately photography isn’t allowed within the castle, so most of my shots  from the day don’t feature the building. But the gardens proved equally as impressive, with some impressive flower beds helping to make up for some rather nondescript weather.




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