OK, so it’s only a couple of inches, but the white stuff doesn’t fall that often in London – so we tend to get a bit excited when it does. When there’s work to get to it’s a bit of a pain, but today being a Sunday there was plenty of opportunity to enjoy the day’s snowfall with a contemplative wander around Tooting Bec Common.

Tooting Bec Common

To contrast with the romance of the couple above, here’s a fellow nailing his girlfriend in the face with a snowball. Bless.

Moment of impact

No doubt the cafe’s hot chocolate sales were up a fair bit today.

RespiteThe pond, normally a bit of a scruffy spot, benefitted the most from its winter wardrobe.


Frozen pond

Frozen pondAs I mentioned, when there’s work to get to, the snow’s not ideal; London transport has a bad habit of falling to bits the moment there’s a flake in the sky. We’ll see. Either way,  I suspect my usual mode of transport won’t be that ideal this week…

Lying dormant




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