At the Horniman

We spent Saturday afternoon showing Kirst’s goddaughter around the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill. It’s something of a treasure trove, with much of the ground floor dedicated to an enormous collection of taxidermy, skeletons and various models of the animal kingdom. This chimpanzee skeleton particularly caught my eye.

Chimpanzee skeletonProbably the most famous exhibit there (I’ve since learnt) is the stuffed walrus, which is huge. It was overstuffed, so it has none of the folds you’d expect in a real walrus; as such it looks fit to pop. Not that you can tell that well from this view.

Horniman walrus

Elsewhere in the hall I enjoyed looking at the coral specimens, too. Beautiful textures. I’d love to see living coral again (while there is such a thing…).

Brain coral

Coral textureIt’s not all dead stuff. The Horniman also has a small aquarium in the basement, with tanks dedicated to various marine habitats. There’s not a lot of light down there, but I did come away with a couple of shots worth sharing.

White spotted jellyfish

Common toad




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