Shots from the road: Trekking Torres del Paine

Fresh from trotting some 60km through El Chaltén’s beautiful surroundings, we headed into Chile. Our first excursion here was to take on the ‘Big W’ trek through the Torres del Paine national park.

The route’s around 80km long (taking care of the ‘big’) and follows the southern edge of the Paine Massif, with three invariably steep diversions probing its east, middle and west (forming the ‘W’ shape). After El Chaltén I was sceptical any scenery could compete, but was happy to be proved wrong; the grandeur of it all took the breath away (both ways).

What’s more, we enjoyed exceptionally clear weather for nearly all of it. Quite the rarity around these parts, apparently. As per usual, here’s a handful of shots from what proved something of a memory card eater.

Dawn colours the landscape:

Dawn, Torres del Paine

Grassy foothills around our starting point, Refugio Torre Central:



Reaching the eponymous Torres del Paine on the first day:

Under the Torres

We’re now resting our legs in Punta Arenas – and looking for a friendly neighbourhood memory card seller.


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