Shots from the road: Going gaucho

We ventured off the beaten track to try a little horse riding yesterday. I’d never been on a horse before, so it was a case of going in at the deep end – literally at a couple of points, with our horses having to scramble across a couple of thigh-deep rivers.

All set

The scene of our ride was Cochamó, three hours’ bus ride from Puerto Varas in the Chilean Lake District. This little town sits on a picture-postcard lake, with views across to a snow-capped volcano; it’s also the starting point for a gorgeous trek up a quiet, car-free valley.

The terrain soon narrowed to a steep and rocky trail that was more than a little hairy to an amateur like me. Thankfully we had a brilliant guide in the shape of Ciro (who runs Cabalgatas Cochamó) and my horse Colamocha was an easygoing guy.

Ciro had Colamocho and me tethered on a rope for the outward leg (Kirst knew what she was doing thanks to some riding lessons as a girl). For the way back, I was entrusted with sole control of the reins. Yeehaw!

Photos took a back seat to staying on Colamocho, but what’s a post without a snap or two?

Ciro, our brilliant gaucho guide.
Ciro, our brilliant gaucho guide.


On the trail

Today is reserved for my first experience of being thoroughly saddlesore!



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