Shots from the road: Sunning it up

We were glad to move on from La Paz, leaving its fumes and perpetual gridlock behind us. Our bus nudged its way through a series of impoverished towns on the way out, the snow-covered Andes rising majestically in the distance.

Soon we were coasting past gorgeous yellow-green hills, en route to our final stop in Bolivia – Lake Titicaca. This vast lake, a heady 3,808 metres above sea level, was a sacred spot for the Incas. We based our visit in Copacabana, a relaxed town on the shore of the lake, where the sense of calm was immediately apparent (and hugely welcome).

Our main reason for stopping off here was a trip to Isla del Sol, the island celebrated by the Incas as the birthplace of the sun. We were glad to find Sol settled at his place of birth, too, and spent our time on the island in the warmth of his company. Walking the length of the island we passed idyllic bays, sleepy villages and sweeping vistas before overnighting at a comfy lodge (the view from which accompanies this post).

Isle del Sol

The next morning we boarded the boat back to Copa, with one more day to chill before heading onto Peru – the fifth and final country on our South American sojourn.



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