Shots from the road: A deep ending

With our trip drawing to a close we took the night bus from Cusco to Arequipa, in southern Peru. Besides the city itself – an attractive colonial place hewn from volcanic white stone – the area’s main draw is Colca Canyon, an immense gash in the landscape some three hours’ drive away.

Our trek to the canyon floor and back was the last on a trip that’s been full of lengthy walks – and though far from the longest, it was definitely the toughest. The canyon’s sheer slopes make the descent something of a knee shredder; climbing back out is a real endurance test, too.

The locals have a better way of getting up and down – Andean condors gather here each morning, soaring on the early-morning thermals.

Andean condor (juvenile)

After admiring their flight from the canyon’s lip we began our own, less graceful descent down a steep, loose path of dirt and rubble. Of course, the effort was all worth it. The views were fantastic throughout the whole three-day trek.

Colca Canyon

Canyon conquered, we’re now in the Peruvian capital, Lima – our last stop before heading home. What a trip it’s been! We both feel so fortunate to have taken this journey together. And I’m so glad we grabbed the opportunity, turning ‘what if…’ into something that actually was.

I guess it’s also the end of posting ‘shots from the road’. It’s been great fun tapping out the odd dispatch on my iPad – hearty thanks to everyone that’s been moved to a prod of the like or follow button. Have to say I’m looking forward to reliving the best moments with the proper equipment – namely Aperture, a big screen and a proper keyboard. In other words, expect the South American theme to persist for a while yet…




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