Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Well, we’ve been home for a couple of weeks and predictably, normality has resumed with such force it’s as if we were never away.

One thing that reminds me we were is the sheer amount of photographs I returned with. Now, if only I had more time to sort them out. So far I’ve only had time to play with those from our first four days – in Rio, way back in early March.

My Flickr account had room for a few more.



  1. You got some really incredible captures! I can’t wait until you get time to sort through the rest of them because there are sure to be some gems in there based on these! I especially love the very last one, with the sun setting behind the mountains and the city all sprawled out in the shade. Absolutely stunning.

  2. Feels like such a long time ago! Such lovely photos Jon. Can’t wait to see the rest of our trip after you have worked your magic with the processing. I agree the sunset photos are stunning.


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