The calm of Mallorca

Life’s been hectic of late. Before this particular batch of busyness, though, we spent a lovely week in Mallorca – grabbing the last few rays of summer before it left Europe. The calmness of these shots feels at odds with the last few weeks (and the workmen drilling the road outside as I write).

Mallorca, though. What a wonderful, seductive place. So much so that we got engaged while out there – which explains much of our recent activity, as we realise next year isn’t that far off when it comes to finding (and affording!) venues and the like.

Photography took a back seat to relaxation, but nonetheless it was  my first chance to try the Fuji X-E1 in a more typical setting for my photography.  I’m definitely not as comfortable with it as my 40D, which fits like a comfy (if heavy) pair of slippers. Nonetheless I came back with a few shots I was pleased with, and as many have said, the jpegs were so good I didn’t need much, if any time in post. I could get used to that, as my backlog from South America is still massive.

Lots more from Mallorca in this Flickr set.

Ses Salines




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