Stornoway at the Barbican

I had the pleasure of seeing Stornoway play at the Barbican last night. This band occupies a special place in my heart these days; I discovered their first album early in my relationship with Kirst, and we both loved it. Listening to it always brings back good memories. Then their second LP – Tales from Terra Firma – came out during our sabbatical earlier in the year, so that’s now associated with Patagonian coach rides and a sun-drenched boat ride across Lake Titicaca…

large 3

Even without those positive associations, Stornoway are right up my street. Gorgeous melodies and lyrics, and in Brian Biggs, a distinctive vocal that rings clear as a bell. The band more than lived up to expectation last night; the only disappointment from my perspective was no Here Comes The Blackout or The Bigger Picture. You can’t have it all I guess. Fuel Up and You Take Me As I Am were big highlights, as was a beautiful unplugged section. Good times.

large 4



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